State Of Survival Cheat Codes For Free

Today I will tell you that how can you use cheat codes to get everything unlocked and in uncountable quantity. We are giving the state of survival cheat codes for free. Apply cheats and get everything you want. It would be best if you were frustrated by limited items available in the game. If you want more of it than you will get it just be patient and read this article. This article will surely solve all of your problems.

State of Survival Cheat Codes

Unlock Everything (by Cheat Codes) In State Of Survival:

Don’t worry now because you are at the right platform. You might be looking for cheat codes and hacks to unlock everything in the state of survival. The game provides minimal weapons, food and biocaps in the game. However, everyone wants to have more of it even though I wanted it when I used to play the original game. I looked for cheat codes and hacks everywhere, but I couldn’t find it.

Problems With The Cheat Codes:

Well, there are a lot of cheats available which used to work. But when the game updated all the cheat codes stopped working. The reason I stopped using cheats is that they are of no use now. Whenever games give an update, all the previous cheat codes stops working.

State Of Survival Redeem Codes:

All the local cheats were gone and game updated with redeem codes. Redeem codes are the one which comes and expires after one to two days. These codes provide a limited amount of biocaps, coins, food, wood and metal and sometimes skin.

For the new players, there are different redeem codes which gives more biocaps and food, but that is for one time only. Although all the redeem codes works for one time only. And then you have to wait for new ones, which comes after month or months.

But don’t worry, we have another way for you to get unlimited everything plus unlock multiple features.

How To Unlock All The Premium Features In State Of Survival:

There are many other ways to get food, biocaps, metals, etc., but you can’t get everything in these ways. You cant unlock legendary characters and premium weapons and unlock every skin you want.

But now you can get everything. We bring you the way to claim everything you want in the game. We present our hacked version of the game. As mentioned earlier on my page, You can find their other details as well.

Now is the time when you can unlock every hero. You can play with your favourite hero and kill a bunch of zombies with your favourite weapon. There is no limit on food or wood. So, build each building and keep upgrading it. Destroy every single zombie in the town. take the revenge of destruction of your city. make more solders and train them as now you can achieve everything in the game

The modded version contains all the other features of the game. It is free. Now you can get rid of ads too. The game plays very smoothly without getting lagged or hanged in the middle of the game.


Cheat codes and redeem codes are useless when you have the modified version of the state of survival. I always suggest people download mod apk instead of looking for heat codes which are of no use.

After viewing this modified version of the state of survival, you will stop searching for any cheat codes or hacks. We keep upgrading the game version. You can find the game on our homepage.

You can also check our previously written articles. We explained the ways to get unlimited biocaps and unlimited stamina for free. We want you to have an amazing gaming experience with us, become a top player now.

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