get 999+ biocaps for free

Easy Way To Get 999+ Biocaps For Free In the State Of Survival:

In this article, you will know how do you get 999+ biocaps for free in the state of survival in just 5 minutes. Earning biocaps is not easy at all, and that is why we are here to help you out. With our easy tips and tricks, you can become an advanced gamer in this gaming world.

Biocaps plays an essential role in the world of State of survival. The game becomes fun when you have hundreds of biocaps. Therefore, you can get anything if you have this much biocaps. It not only makes you progress in-game but also will make you one of the top gamers.

How To Get Biocaps For Free:

There are certain ways to get biocaps for free which are presented by the original game itself. Some are listed below:


The most common way to get biocaps is levelling up. When you complete a level, a certain amount of biocaps is added to your account. Unfortunately, the amount of biocaps is not enough. On the other hand, levelling up is not easy.

Check mails:

You can check mails daily or from time to time. Game developers usually send biocaps as a maintenance reward or sometimes other reasons as well. so, don’t forget to check mails

From Events:

You can also join Alliances to get biocaps for free. You can take part in events and earn up to hundreds of biocaps which is not easy.


You can spend your money to get biocaps as game also gives in-app purchases.

Unlimited Biocaps In State Of Survival Mod Apk Download:

These are some ways to get biocaps which are very time consuming and difficult ways. However, we try to make things easier. We present you the best way to get 999+ biocaps for free in just 5 minutes, and this is for free. You have to download our modified version of State of survival, which will give you unlimited biocaps and other features mentioned in our article; State Of Survival Mod Apk.

Just go to our homepage and download our mod for free. You will never look for other cheats and hacks because they are useless in front of the state of survival mod apk. Download our modified version and enjoy!

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